Drush-Based Backup Plan

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This wiki page will document the design, missing features and implementation plan of a backup plan for Floss-Pa's site based on Drush. Feel free to contribute by adding missing steps, better implementation details or by contributing with code.

Offsite Backups

It is required to have backups in at least two more (physically) different places. Current list of volunteers to store offline backups are:

Ofssite Backups Plans

Rsync backups folder

In this schema, every volunteer will set up a cron script to run rsync on the backups folder. The location of the backup folder information and credential information will be provided by the admins of the site.


  • rsync would already know what's the latest backup to download based on the changes
  • rsync would automatically deal with removal of old backup files that were previously removed from the server


  • There are security considerations to take care of, since volunteers will have access to an account at Floss-Pa's server, which would probably be a dedicated backup account

SCP latest backup

In this schema, every volunteer will set up a cron script to list latest backup file and copy it from Floss-Pa's server to their own server.



  • Same security considerations of rsync
  • All date-related handling like removing old backups and determining which is the latest backup will be done by the script